System Specialties, Inc.

Manufacturers Represented

Advanced Thermal Systems
Flexible Ball & Slip-Type Expansion Joints
Low Friction Guides Anchors & Controls
Ajax Boiler, Inc.
Steam, Hot Water & Gas-Fired Boilers & Water Heaters
ACE SeriesMini-Pack Stainless Semi-Instantaneous Water Heaters
Packaged Hot Water Generators – Dual Fuel Systems
A.S.M.E. Storage Tanks - Clean Steam Generators
ATLAS Series – High Efficiency Condensing Boilers / Water Heaters
Single Pass Copper Fin Heat Exchanger – Up to 97% Thermal Efficiency
Full Modulation - Advanced Controls – Low NOX
Flow Control Industries, Inc.
Flow Control Industries, Inc. - DELTA P VALVE
Pressure Independent Industrial Quailty Control Valves
Flowline Valve and Controls
Cartridge-Seated Butterfly Valves
Pneumatic & Electric Actuators & Controls
Nexus Balancing Valves
Automatic & Manual Balancing Valves
Coil Piping Pre-Assemblies / Hose Kits
Brimer Industries, Inc.
Piping & Equipment Identification
Triac Ball Valves
Triac Ball Valves
Pneumatic & Electric
Actuation Packages
Warren Controls, Inc.
Industrial Control Valves & Accessories
Building Automation Control Valves
Level Controls
Triple-Offset, Zero Leakage, Metal – Seated Valves
B16 Flange, Lug & Weld End Isolation Valves
ANSI 150, 300 & 600 LB. Class


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